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We are MEMKEN team. A pure software development business
with our proprietary technology that integrates with world-class EOS.IO blockchain into universal use case for all types of business.

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What we do?

We are MEMKEN team, our proprietary technology integrates world-class EOS.IO blockchain into a universal use case for all types of businesses.

MEMKEN tokenization model translates business assets and services into the internet of value in the most secure and seamless way. The economic value of decentralization, trustless and transparency inherent in blockchain is not limited to crypto experts but for mainstream adoption using MEMKEN Ecology.

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Our values


Mainstream adoption is a transition process from old to a new platform. Our blockchain integration for Shopify app.


By the integration of EOS.IO sidechain technology, the integrity of data and transactions are verified by EOS Delegated Proof-of-Stake consense under merkle proofs for light client validation (LCV) which enables the generation of relatively light-weight proof of existence while highly reduces the cost of token issuance and smart contracts execution.


MEMKEN project

MEMKEN tokenization solution supports all businesses, particularly e-commerce, content providers and gaming industries to issue their own branded tokens for loyalty, pre-launch crowdfunding, transparent auction, decentralized voting, transfer of assets, services, and products across the different business sectors in a seamless way.

Tokenization of assets, products or services requires a sophisticated team that specializes in blockchain, security, cryptography and complicated systems development ...

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